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Plank Preparation & Recipes

In general we suggest planking without adding anything – let the plank do the talking. However since planking is such a versatile way of cooking we decided  to give you an idea of some options. Here are some techniques for preparing & marinating popularly planked foods.

Try different foods with different planks; don’t take our word for it – experiment with your own planking methods.

Soak Options

First it is important to remember that you do not have to add anything  at all to your food. The plank alone will enhance your food. Instead you can soak your plank in something other than water.

Why not try:

  • Red Wine (diluted)
  • Bourbon or Scotch Whiskey (diluted)
  • Cider
  • Beer
  • Fruit Juices (any)

Plank Preparation & Cooking Recipes

All our plank food preparation recipes are ultra-easy.

Portobello Mushrooms & Garlic: Clean off your portobello mushrooms in warm water. Heat your gas grill to medium high or get your coals red hot. If you are using the oven lay down foil and set it to pre-heat at 375*. Lay down your thoroughly soaked planks for no more than a few minutes. Take your portobello mushrooms and place cap side down. Be careful not to let the mushroom hang over the edge. Close the grill cover & let it plank for ten or so minutes.

While the mushrooms are planking finely chop or mince half a clove of garlic. Return to your grill or oven and gently flip the mushrooms so that they are now cap side up. Evenly spread the garlic inside the caps of the mushrooms. Instead you could also add dried garlic if you wish – it will soak up some of the juice from the cap. Close the lid and return in approximately 10 minutes. Remove the mushrooms carefully to avoid spilling the garlic from the caps. The portobellos will not stick to the plank.

The resulting portobello & garlic caps will be thoroughly cooked yet also moist and juicy – the garlic will have crisped up nicely – giving you a tasty starter or main course in itself.

Four-vegetable Kabob: Thickly slice eggplant, red & green bell peppers, onions and zucchini. Thread them alternately along a bamboo skewer. Some cooks will be keen for you to add olive oil – do not do this – threaten them with a plank. Put the pre-soaked planks in a preheated grill/oven. Lay your skewers across the planks. Cooking time is about 25-35 minutes depending on how crunchy – or not – you want your vegetables. Turn skewers several times. The skewers can be seasoned during the latter stages of planking – or not – according to your own taste.

Plank D'art

Side of Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon: Alaskan salmon is the best in the world and planking is arguably the best way to consume it – a timeless plank classic! Preheat your grill as usual. Take three soaked Superior Planks and position together across the barbecue. Allow for a couple of minutes plank pre-heat time. Now place your side of wild-caught Alaskan salmon across – ensuring it is skin side down – you may need to lay your side diagonally if it is from a particularly chunky fish. Close the cover on the grill.

After allowing the salmon to plank for 15 minutes – check it. At this point you can add your seasonings if you wish. Try lemon pepper on the nape, plain for the belly section and then garlic salt for the tail – it gives everyone a choice and looks really great. Do not flip the salmon – ever. Re-close the lid as the pellicle layer begins to form – the flesh should be turning a deepening tan color.

Check again every ten minutes. The planks should now be smoking heavily. There should be no open flames. Fire is not what planking is about.  Keep a spray bottle handy to extinguish any possible flare-ups. Once the salmon has been cooking for about 45-55 minutes – check it is cooked with a fork. Break the belly section – under the leathery and very tasty pellicle layer – the salmon should ‘flake’ apart easily – moist and uniform in color.

Once ready have a large platter to receive the salmon in its bountiful glory. Slide two spatulas under the ‘body’ of the salmon – between the salmon and its skin. It is very important to make sure the salmon is free to be removed. Transfer to the plate – leaving the skin stuck to the planks – and you with a magnificent and very complete side of wild-caught Alaskan salmon to enjoy. Always remember to close and, should it be gas, switch off the grill safely. This classic is sure to be a hit – even with those who do not normally enjoy salmon.

More plank preparation & recipes coming soon…..

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